components and art not final.

 Coming to Kickstarter this summer!

Co-operative adventure

Deck-building boss-fighter

1 - 4 players in under an hour

Immersive roles & replayability

Designed by Erica Bouyouris & Sen Foong-lim

Based on the New York Times Best-Selling comic & created by award winning game designers. 

Co-operative epic boss battles inspired by the legendary tales of the Rat Queens with
learn-as-you-go card and dice combat.

Just like the books, you'll have to manage your relationships with the queens and suffer the consequences of chaotic actions!

"I've always wanted to see some form of adaptation of Rat Queens into game form. The series is clearly inspired by my early years of playing RPGs with friends and to have Deep Water Games do their spin on the series is very exciting. I can't wait for everyone to get their hands on the game, it looks fantastic and it rings true to the tone and chaos from the comic series. To the slaughter!"

-Kurtis Wiebe, Creator of Rat Queens 

Components and art not final.

"Years ago before I ever started Deep Water Games or teamed up with Source Point Press I got an itch explore indie comics. I asked a couple friends for recommendations and the unanimous consensus was I'd love Rat Queens. They were beyond right, Rat Queens became not only my favorite comic, but it opened my eyes to how much more there was outside of the mainstream. Getting to pitch Kurtis this game, him trusting us with the Queens, and working with Sen and Erica to bring the game to life has been an absolute privilege. We've poured a lot of love into this game and couldn't be more excited to be making the Rat Queens Board Game."

-Nolan Nasser, Founder of Deep Water Games