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Pixel Legends

Pixel Legends

Team up with fellow wizards to vanquish the sinister monsters that lurk in the dungeon, and save the nearby village. This is a noble and honorable quest, and... oh, who are we kidding? In reality, you're a greedy wizard who is all about fame and personal gain, and your fellow wizards are cut from the same cloth! Prevail over your opponents by learning the best spells and using that knowledge to outmaneuver and kill-steal in the dungeon, so you can gain admiration of the townsfolk, fame across the realm, and become a Pixel Legend. 


Multiple Game Modes!

  • Standard - Free for all
  • 2v2 - Twice the fame!
  • Solo - Save the villagers
  • Cooperative - Work together

Game Contents 

  • 111 Spells & Attack Cards
  • 26 Unique Monster Cards
  • 42 Additional Cards
  • 4 Wizard HP Trackers 
  • 1 Secret Card Pack

Dungeon-crawling, Deck-building, Auction-drafting Fun for 1-4 Players.

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